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The Zempurest UK: Custom Made Mattress.

The luxurious Zempurest UK, custom made mattress, has been developed in a traditional Yorkshire warehouse. But with the benefit of the most up to date technological machinery.

The Zempurest UK, custom made mattress, has been designed as a true aid for a restful nights sleep. By understanding the science of sleep and how our lives can be adversely affected if we do not sleep well we have concentrated our efforts on achieving the ultimate in comfort.

Sleep is essential for our overall well-being. Sleep can aid us to repair injuries and recover from illnesses. The phrase that we need our ‘beauty sleep’ is actually based on fact as we heal and repair whilst we sleep and the stress hormone, cortisol breaks down collegen causing wrinkles.

This makes choosing a mattress an extremely important decision. If we make the wrong choices we can affect our ability to perform at work and to socially interact effectively and maintain positive personal relationships.

Our concerns when developing the Zempurest UK, custom made mattress, was ensuring we would achieve a price point that the majority not the minority, as will happen when considering purchasing a Tempur mattress, can afford to pay for a luxurious comfort mattress. The luxury of a truly soft and pliable comfort layer can be achieved when considering the Zempurest UK mattress. The comfort layer is a Tempur touch of luxury but without the high price tag and with all the benefits of the UK fire, Health and Safety regulations.

A comfortable mattress that supports and cushions your body and assists in maintaining spinal postural alignment can ensure that you have that all elusive good nights sleep.

The Zempurest UK, custom made mattress,  has been developed with the experience and knowledge of a Foam Converter who has been producing foam products since 1958.

The expertise from the manufacturers to the designers has resulted in a superior, luxurious custom made mattress that can benefit all who use it.

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